by rmillwood
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Seasons' Greetings to all my friends and family!

This is an interactive version of the wooden advent calendar I made this year for my great-nephews. Some of the pictures behind the doors are personal to them, others are political and yet more are religious - but not only Christian.

I hope you have fun looking at it, and if you want to know more about the significance of the pictures, some will respond to Googling the hints (click on them), others you can ask me about! Feel free to tweet your answer to @richardmillwood with tags #richardsadvent and  #day<n> , replacing the <n> with the day number.

Updated for 2021 as some dates move around!



Richard Millwood
@richardmillwood #richardsadvent
December 2021

Created November 30, 2020

Last updated December 1, 2021

Published November 30, 2020