flight navigator 0.8

by leeon.de
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+++IMPORTANT: switch on the javascript extension in the coding section +++
This is not a flight simulator!

It's about navigation, coordinates and directions. When you start the program you find your plane on an airport. At the top you will find all info need for the flight to your destination.

The name of the destination and the topographic coordinates are the only info you will get. Use the H-key to find your navigation tools. press A to G- key to change the map.

Press S to stop your plane at an airport. Only with zero speed you can gain points and will be sent to the next airports. Be as precise as possible with the coordinates. There is always free parking space at your destination.


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Special thanks for the authors of following libraries:

#Worldmap (World Map)
#textcostumes (Text Costumes)

this snap would not be possible without your code!

Created April 27, 2021

Last updated June 23, 2021

Published April 30, 2021