Dragons Keep: Tower Defense

by lavaboy5345
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Hi there! :D
Welcome to Dragon's Keep Tower Defense, a Tower Defense(ish) game I made where you, the valiant dragon, must protect yourself from the wicked bats as they charge towards you! 
-move the mouse to aim
-click mouse to fire
-press space to customise your dragon's looks
-Your health bar, score and easiness bar are located at the top of the screen. Your score is for every second you survive, your lives goes down every time a bat gets to you, and the easiness is how easy the wave of bats is. (Warning: It gets very hard!!!)

Enjoy!!! :D

Art=Partially me, partially snap library
Idea=me, though it was based off other tower defense games.

Created June 29, 2023

Last updated June 29, 2023

Published June 29, 2023