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by jens
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A simple quick experiment for a self-organizing system. After an example from "Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams" by Mitch Resnick, and several explorations by Selim Tezel.

Press the Green Flag to create a set of 50 colored dots spread randomly across the stage. Each dot has an individual "agility", i.e. it moves at its own speed, knows its immediate neighbors and can "see" all other dots. At every frame each dot moves a unit towards its "right" one, and half a unit towards it's "left" one, and then just a tad backwards from any random other one. Watch what happens!

Fun things to try: Press the space bar to again disturb the dots to random positions. Try and catch individual dots with the mouse and drag them elsewhere!

Created November 2, 2022

Last updated November 2, 2022

Published November 2, 2022