Matrices Extension

by jacobmorrison
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Matrices Extension, By: jacobmorrison


Matrix _ _ (creates a matrix),

Set _ _ of _ to _ (set (x,y) of matrix to given value),

item _ _ of _ (get item of matrix at (x,y)),

append front _ to _ at _ _ (append value in front of (x, y) in matrix),

append back _ to _ at _ _ (append value behind (x,y) in matrix),

for each _item_ in matrix _: (for item in matrix),

remove _ _ of _ (remove item at (x,y) of matrix),

rows of matrix _, (get rows of matrix)

columns of matrix _, (get columns of matrix)

append row to _, (add a row to a matrix)

append column to _, (add a column to a matrix)

remove row of _, (remove a row of a matrix)

remove column of _ (remove a column of a matrix)

Created November 4, 2021

Last updated November 9, 2021

Published November 4, 2021