Autorennen / Car Race

by fridolinux
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how the title menu works:
1. Press "Start"
2. You can see all tracks; use the arrows to navigate (there is only one track given)
At the top there is the name of the track ("Streckenname") and it's number ("Streckennummer"). Type in the track's number to start.
3. Want to build your own map? Type in "NEU"

how to play:
1. It's a two-player game
2. Drive the car by clicking on one of the nine dots. Make sure you're NOT in fullscreen mode, a SNAP!-intern bug would let you drive threw some walls (reported it, but it's impossible to solve).
3. Avoid borders and other players; In case of a crash the other player wins.

how to use the building mode:
1. Go with your mouse to the top: a sidebar appears. Here you can...
-Choose your building blocks
-Go to next step ("Speichern") Make sure, that the finish line is horizontal or vertical and minimum 4 blocks long! You cannot edit your track after this step!
-Go back to main menu ("Abbruch"), without saving
2. Bring the cars to the start: pull them with your mouse and rotate them by clicking. Then press "Weiter"
3. To make sure everybody drives the hole track, place the yellow boxes at the half of the track. You won't see them in game.
4. Press "Fertigstellen!". After scanning the track, type in it's name. 

Created February 28, 2020

Last updated July 27, 2020

Published February 28, 2020