file import

(remixed from file import, by pumpkinhead) by ego-lay_atman-bay
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Demonstration for the file import library that @pumpkinhead made. I (@ego-lay_atman-bay) fixed it up to no longer throw an error when broadcasting a message after you import a file. I also used a simpler meathod to run a snap script using js.

This library supports raster image files, SVG files, and audio files. It also supports text and binary files but every file is technically a binary file so support for binary is kind of implied.

If you want to get the library, see inside this project and click on File > Export Blocks.

The blocks also include help notes.

@pumpkinhead made the original project, I just fixed up a few things.

Created October 6, 2020

Last updated March 18, 2022

Shared October 6, 2020