Were am I?

by earthrulerr
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My first horror game! Look me up on Roblox my user is EarthRulerr!

Updates Below

1.0.0- Published and made ghost walk and added first . - ..... were am I? Added Book.

1.0.1- Made the move forward and say "woah what is this place" and "lets find out!" 
1.0.2- Added Control mode and point towards ghost plus added menu.

1.0.3- Added "woah what is that" and random teleporting.

1.0.4- Added animatioons to Menu.

1.0.5- Added "stay here and wait" and "go explore (coming soon)" Added stuff to "Stay here and wait"

1.0.6- Did "go explore" and renamed "sya here and wait" to "stay here" and re named "go explore" to "explore."

1.0.7- Added second ghost time and added Red and White "horror game" on menu.

1.0.8- Added door and backkground and re did the player.

1.0.9 Added door and made it so you can not go out of the background.

1.0.10- Bug fixes made the game run better.

1.1.1- Added Updates. 

1.1.2- Fixed book.

1.1.3- Updated "You Died" screen.

1.1.4- Updated "You won Were am I?" Screen to animate.

Created March 9, 2021

Last updated March 23, 2021

Published March 9, 2021