turn based combat

by deltav
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this game is no longer being developed, if you want to take up the project for yourself then feel free to do so, just make sure to credit me (deltav) or something
play this with 2 players because single player is broken

how to play:
health, resources, and stats are at the top left of the screen
enemy's health and stats are in the top right

you can purchase resources from the shop (wip) in order to use systems.

resource prices:
energy: 15
ammo: 10
repair: 10

you gain a random amount of money (which is aways divisable by 5). the max you can get is 50 in 1 turn and the minimum is 10

the primary weapon:
uses 2 ammo to fire.
lowers speed of the person shot.
fires 5 shots at 30-40 damage each.

the secondary weapon:
uses 2 ammo to fire. 
lowers speed and shield strength.
fires 1 shot at 90-110 damage.
small chance to start a fire on the enemy

click the hammer to repair.
swap 2 repair for 25-75 health.
you cant repair above your max health (which is 500 by default).
there is a chance where you get lucky and get an extra 10-25 health because of another bug.

pull the lever forward to increase.
uses 1 energy per level.
decreases damage taken by weapons by 10 dmg per level.
you cannot decrease the shield unless you have energy to spare (this is a bug).

pull the lever forward to increase.
causes attackers weapon to miss more often.
uses 1 energy per level.

arming your weapons:
by default the weapons are not usuable.
you must exchange 2 energy per weapon to make the weapon usuable again.
you do not gain ammo if the weapons are disabled.

fire alarm:
will notify you if there is a fire. 
fires deal damage over time but will go away if you use the fire extinguisher (which has 5 uses).
if not extinguished the fire will deal exponentally more damage

you win if you get the enemy heath down to 0.

upgrade system is work in progress.
scrap does nothing

click "end turn" to end your turn


one thing that you should remember is that the shield blocks damage by the bullet.
if a weapon fires 5 shots at 10 dmg per shot, you do not need a level 5 shield to block. this is because the shield will block the damage from each bullet individually (therefore you only need a level 1 shield)

single shot weapons ususally deal less damage than multi shot weapons. but since they only fire 1 shot, all that damage will be in that shot. this means that, even though multi shot weapons are better, you should only use them if the enemy has a low shield.

upgrade system
part damage
better graphics

upgrade ideas:
dense shields (increases shield effectiveness by 5/level)
shotcannon(damages all parts, currently not planned but maybe in the future)
enhanced drives( increases drive effectiveness)
bulletproof armour (increases health by 100-250)
extra income( has a chance to increase income)

weapon ideas:
light cannon: the starting primary weapon
energy lance: the starting secondary weapon
shotcannon: deals damage to all parts in a spray of low damage shrapnel (which combined deal alot of damage
pulse repeater: a strictly better light cannon
dual beam: a strictly better energy lance
shock coil: damages all parts with 1 high damage burst
missile launcher: fires 1-3 missiles which explodes, causing fires and large damage to all parts.
drive disabler: disables drives and deas a small amount of part damage

history (just here so i can write it down later):

1st few days: was working on the base game, graphics took a while to be implemented. origonally, the shield and drives werent levers but buttons instead. 

nov 20-28 :
changed rng system to buget system

Created November 3, 2022

Last updated January 9, 2023

Published November 18, 2022