moon rocket game

by deltav
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WARNING: its not a very good idea to run this on a chromebook or another computer with bad cooling. my chromebook is very hot after like 5 minutes.

ive released the more optimised version of this play that because its objectivley better

scroll down for controls

also turbo mode messes with gravity in this so its best to not use it.

if you dont get 20+ fps then it can be very hard to control the rocket.

made by deltav.

W to speed up
S to slow down
A to turn left
D to turn right

a kinda bad inertia system i guess (idk how to fix it)
a fuel system
a working fps counter
decent looking particles

for some reason if your on the ceiling and you thrust in a diffrent direction you get thrown into the ground at high speeds.
you can fly upside down and dont lose speed.
speedometer freaks out and does some wierd stuff sometimes

Created September 22, 2022

Last updated October 12, 2022

Published September 22, 2022