by deltav
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REMINDER TO ME: try using hide blocks so that only stuff on screen is visible. maybe use sprite 10 and an <if touching> block to check, thoough it would be a bit slow because it would do stuff to every sprite. it should still be faster than the previous non solution. also convert if to if else when needed. also use the list solution instead of if else (you know, the one where you have the list in the run block and you change the list item that is to be run)

another thing: finish diamond implementation

this has nothing to do with the games "motherload" or "super motherload" its just a fitting name

Disclaimer: this aint made with the griffpatch tutorial i didnt even know that existed until someone told me

yes ive republished this like 5 times to change the name

by the way you craft planks by pressing enter while holding the 4 key

mine ores by clicking them
a and d to move
space to jump
5 stone to craft a furnace, which can craft steel with 2 iron and 2 coal
1 stone to place cobblestone
1 key to place cobble
2 key to place a furnace
3 key to place a crafting table
press the e key and then the number to select the recipe to craft


world is random but limited to what is on screen

Created February 1, 2023

Last updated March 6, 2023

Published February 1, 2023