rounds snap editon

by codegang
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player 1 keys

up-up arrow

right- right arrow

left-left arrow

shoot-0 key

clone-down arrow

player 2 keys

up-w key

right-d key

left-a key

shoot-1 key

clone-s key

mods type this to turn on a mod-
melee mod
upside down mod

update log

added upside down mod

added bouncey bullet buff 
and made ai work in the melee mod

fixed homing glich

buffed clones

added melee mod

fixed glich were clones didn't spawn

made it so clones can do melee damage

fixed armor glich

added armor and homing bullets buffs

you can no longer move the ai with touchscreen buttons

the buff card now shows when the ai wins

fixed glich where two buffs would show

you can no longer make the ai shoot

last hits buff added

ai can now use clones

now added one player ai

Touch screen now available

Created December 23, 2022

Last updated June 29, 2023

Published December 23, 2022