Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel

by asnapcoder
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If you would like to know more about “Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel” look it up on the internet.

This project is more so about meeting randomly generated people rather than the paradox. 

Drag left and right on the        
     doors to change rooms or 
     “go down the hall.”
Click the “What’s Inside” 
     button to see who is inside
     the current room.
Click the triple lined button to 
     see a list of everyone 
     you’ve meet.
Always press and hold to 
     escape any drop down 
     and return to the hall.

How it works:
Every time a new room is opened:
Each room has a number. The computer does some stuff with that number and saves that crazy number as ‘NumToMod.’ This number is put through a few MODulat arithmetics to make a new person.
The results may seem random but are actually mathematically generated to create a person. So this means all people will be exactly the same for any device at any time anywhere.

Cool people I found:
   A person with rainbow eyes 
   lives at room 9

Emerald eyes are rare
White eyes are rarer
Transparent or invisible eyes are super rare
Rainbow eyes are 1% chance or the realest.

Created April 14, 2022

Last updated April 15, 2022

Published April 15, 2022