2d terrain generator

by asnapcoder
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Important info at bottom.

I’ve actually had this project stored away somewhere else for a while. It was one of my favorite projects I ever made. (I’ve had this for like 8 months now even before I made a snap account)

Do you know what Minecraft is. No!?!? Then maybe you should look it up it might make things easier. Yes! Good well i was going to make a 2d version ( I gave up) so I only managed to get the ore and ground generation going.

-Green at the surface is grass -Grey is stone
 -Black at the bottom is bedrock
-Brown at surface is dirt.
-Purple at bottom is obsidian
-Black is coal [common]
-Tan is iron [uncommon] 
-Blue is “bluestone” [uncommon] 
-Weird-Brown is copper [uncommon]
-Yellow is gold                 [rare]—>[common]
-Cyan is diamond [Very rare]
-Other-Blue is uranium [Very rare]
-Dark green is emerald [Super rare]
-Pink is “Rareium” [LEGENDARY]
Unless you click the green switch to red, the uranium will explode after a bit and there will be holes everywhere.
-Use “Find rareium” to instantly find the rareium.
-There are useful stats like Highest height and lowest

Created May 7, 2022

Last updated May 7, 2022

Published May 7, 2022